her world
Picture Poems
Anne Marie Nilsson, an artist who likes to travel has been wandering for over twenty years from the Western continent to the Far East.
A former stylist, she longed to capture the tones of sunsets and sunrises in the blue of her eye and to offer the former to those she loved as a gift. Saris of Indian women, varied shades of ochres on doors of monasteries, all the wide range of spices varying from crimson to safron, light turquoise to light purple that she discovered in souks in Egypt or Syria, and she comes back to us after an imaginary journey around light and colour.
Anne Marie who liked to collect short lived items and for ever ten years had been, plucking leaves she would slip in an old book containing her secrets. Either the leaf of a lemon tree from Ispahan or that a Bo Tree leave - the very tree under which Buddha feit he knows his real vocation. In China she would take the leaf from a Gingko Biloba on she felt attracted to the that of Coffee-tree she picked in Guadeloupe "but all them needed to be told a story"
The artist understood her calling in the souks of Aleppo and Damascus. She discovered those pigments with those immaterial colours which are the key-elements to her paintings. Those powders which are colours that were never seen before and require her infinite patience to put on a canvas either with a brush, cotton wool or light ganze. In Tunisia she discovered crimson, the shade of mystery, a rare pigment to be found in deep sea shells.
Paintings -or collages- an imaginary herborium nature left free, Anne Marie Nilsson works "poetic pictures" can be compared to nothing but a quest for beauty and peace.
Danièle Bott